Where It Comes
From Matters

The Best Milks

Fresh. Clean. Locally-sourced. For four generations, the Byrne family has worked closely with local farm families to bring you the highest quality dairy products – relationships bonded in a simple handshake. At Byrne Hollow Farm, we believe you deserve The Best Milks and we believe in keeping our local farm community strong. So, every day, your milk takes a short trip from our local farms on the way to your table. From our families to your family, you can expect simple wholesome goodness…every time.

The Byrne Hollow Farm Story
Half gallon each of Byrne Hollow Farm Organic 0% Fat Free Milk, Organic Whole Milk and 100% Grass-fed Organic Milk

Organic & 100% Grass-Fed Milk

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Our Products

Simple. Wholesome. Goodness.

Everything we do starts with The Best Milks and where your milk comes from matters. That’s why our milk is sourced from local Central New York family farms and every drop is free of artificial growth hormones (rBST-free), non-GMO, and naturally gluten-free. For the freshest, wholesome dairy products choose Byrne Hollow Farm.

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Our Mission

How It’s Made Matters

At Byrne Hollow Farm, we take great pride in connecting farms and families through our quality dairy products and dedicated people. We share your passion for fresh, clean, locally-sourced products. And our local family farms share this passion too. From our family farms to your table, we oversee every step in our trademark quality process and that commitment ensures we always bring you the very best.

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