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  • 1. Are vitamins added to Byrne Hollow Farm organic milk?

    Yes. Vitamin A & D is added to 0%, 1%, and 2% milks. Vitamin D is added to Whole Milk.

  • 2. Is my milk good past the sell-by date?

    Here’s a great website that will answer that.

  • 3. What is rBGH?

    Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), also known as recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST), is a genetically-engineered artificial hormone injected into cows to make them produce more milk. The FDA has determined that there is no difference in milk from cows treated with rBST vs. cows that were not treated, as cows naturally produce the growth hormone. The use of the genetically engineered hormone is controversial, so Byrne Hollow Farm farmers pledge not to use rBST on their cows.

  • 4. Are all Byrne Hollow Farm dairy products made from farms who pledge not to use artificial growth hormones?

    Yes. Each of our 250 farms has pledged not to use artificial growth hormones in their herds.

  • 5. Do Byrne Hollow Farm products contain antibiotics?

    Byrne Hollow Farm tests every load of milk for antibiotics and only accepts milk that does not contain antibiotics.

  • 6. What is grass-fed milk?

    100% grass-fed milk comes from cows who have grazed in pasture year round rather than being fed a processed diet.

  • 7. Where can I purchase Byrne Hollow Farm products?

    Please visit our Where to Buy page.

  • 8. What is single source?

    There is transparency in knowing where your milk comes from. One family, one farm, one source. Where your milk comes from matters.

  • 9. Why are you working with the Hourigan Family Dairy?

    The Byrne Family has great history with the Hourigans. Our families have been working together for over 50 years. Family, passion, and hard work are just a few of the key ingredients.

  • 10. How do you assure the proper care of animals?

    While we do not actually own any cows, Byrne Hollow Farm is a proud member of Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM). FARM holds members to rigorous guidelines that assures the utmost quality on the nations dairy farms. By practicing in the National Dairy FARM Program, farmers demonstrate a commitment to quality farm management practices and safe, wholesome dairy products. To learn more about FARM please visit their site.

  • 11. Is lactose free milk real milk?

    Yes! Lactose free milk is 100% real milk. Regular milk contains lactose, a sugar that is difficult for some people to digest. We add a natural enzyme that breaks down the lactose sugar so everyone can enjoy real milk! Still The Best Milks™ with all the health benefits, just no Lactose.

  • 12. What is your “Lactose Free Milk Satisfaction Guarantee”?

    If you are not completely satisfied with Byrne Hollow Farm lactose free milk, we will gladly refund the purchase price of the milk. For more information on how to receive your refund, or if you have any other questions about our other Byrne Hollow Farm products, please contact us directly Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST) at 844-528-2890.

  • 13. Are your cartons recyclable?

    Yes! Please recycle our milk cartons. Keep unnecessary waste out of landfills. Our paper cartons come from trees. This means you are choosing a sustainable product package.

  • 14. Are your plastic containers recyclable?

    Yes! Our lactose free bottle, label, and cap are all recyclable. The material used in our bottle is one of the most commonly used materials for drinks. All of our yogurt containers can be recycled as a #5 material as well. Your curb side program will take all of our Byrne Hollow Farm products. To learn where you can find a recycling facility go to and enter your zip code. Let’s keep the sustainability going!

  • 15. How your lactose free milk single sourced?

    The Byrne Hollow Farm lactose free milk comes from one dairy, the Hourigan Family Dairy. Three times a day, we pick up milk from the Hourigans, deliver it 33 miles to our bottling facility, and process the milk. You can trust the milk is fresh and know exactly where it comes from! From the Hourigan and Byrne Families to your table. Learn more about the Hourigan Family Dairy.

  • 16. How does your Byrne Hollow Farm lactose free milk differ from Lactaid?

    The difference with Byrne Hollow Farm lactose free milk is that it’s single-sourced milk, meaning all the fresh milk comes from one family dairy. The Hourigans of Navarino, NY have been a partner of the Byrne family for 50 years! All Byrne Hollow Farm milk comes from the heart of dairy country, so you know exactly where your milk comes from and that you’re supporting the local farm economy. You can also be assured it’s fresh because we pick up our lactose free milk from the Hourigans three times a day and deliver it 35 miles from their farm to our bottling facility. We then pasteurize it, bottle it, and ship it to a store near you. From the Hourigan and Byrne Families to your table, our quality assurance program insures you are drinking The Best Milks™ possible.

Fun Facts

Did You Know?

Live and active cultures help to produce flavor, aroma, and texture in Greek yoghurt.

It takes about three cups of Byrne Hollow Farm milk to make one cup of Greek yoghurt.

All unflavored and flavored milk, and cream are naturally gluten-free.

The majority of our family farms are within 35 miles of our plants.

Milk is picked-up daily from our 250 local family farms.