Our Farmers

Relationships Matter

For the Byrne and local farm families, passion, hard work, and family values are just a few of the key ingredients it takes to create quality, farm-fresh dairy products. Our farmers sign a pledge to produce the highest quality milk, free of artificial growth hormones (rBST-free). All our farms are also certified by the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program. Our shared commitment to quality means you can expect simple wholesome goodness…every time.

Hourigan Family Dairy

The Hourigans not only put the family in family farm, but they are also the single-source farm for our lactose free milk.

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Waltz Farm

Alta and Jake's two daughters extend their family dairy farm heritage to the fifth generation. The Waltz organic farm benefits from the unique female perspective of Alta and her daughters, Mandi and Maudi. The Waltz girls are pictured here with their cousin, Peyton Tefft.

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Antique Valley Farm

A passion for organic dairy farming has inspired Keith and Janet to share their experiences with young people in their community.

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Jerry Dell Farm

For the Shermans, the comfort of their cows, hard work, and family deliver the best organic milk.

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