The Best Milks

Whether it’s on your favorite cereal, in your morning smoothie, or just a nice, cold glass of milk, you can taste the Byrne Hollow Farm difference. Every ounce of our organic and 100% grass-fed organic milks are non-GMO, free of artificial growth hormones (rBST-free), and naturally gluten-free. We simply let nature do what it does best.

Organic Milk

Byrne Hollow Farm organic milk will remind you that the best things in life are simple. Only pasture-raised cows from our local family farms are sourced for our organic milk. Our certified organic farmers produce the highest quality milk free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones (rBST-free).

100% Grass-Fed Organic Milk

Our grass-fed cows spend time outdoors roaming the pastures enjoying lush green grass. We proudly offer our certified 100% grass-fed organic milk, a natural source of CLA and omega-3’s. One taste and you’ll agree this milk is something special.