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How It’s Made Matters

We take pride in connecting farms and families through our quality dairy products and dedicated people.

– Our Family-

Tradition Matters

The Byrne Family - Our Story

The Byrne Family

For four generations, our family has worked with local family farms to bring the best milk and dairy products to you. How it’s made matters to us. Our tradition is rooted in strong working relationships, a shared passion for quality, and an unwavering commitment to our customers. This Byrne family tradition continues today with Byrne Hollow Farm, and that’s why everything we do starts with The Best Milks™. From our organic and grass-fed milks to our delicious Greek yoghurts, we simply let nature do what it does best, and then bring it to you. Enjoy!

– Our Commitment-

The Best Milks™

The story of the Byrne Hollow Farm brand, introduced in 2014, actually began in 1933 when native Syracusan, Matthew V. Byrne, began selling milk in glass bottles and delivering it to Central New York homes by horse-drawn wagons. Matt Byrne hand-picked the farmers he wanted supplying him with the freshest, highest quality milk, and he sealed those partnerships with a handshake, not contracts. You might say he was one of the originators of the modern Farm to Table Movement!

That philosophy of trust and commitment to offering The Best Milks™ has been passed down through four generations of the Byrne family, and it’s the inspiration behind the creation of the Byrne Hollow Farm line of premium dairy products which includes organic milk, grass-fed organic milk, and Greek yoghurt.

With Central New York farms as one of the leading sources of milk in the U.S., all milk for Byrne Hollow Farm comes from family farms that are located within 35 miles of our plants. This means, you can be confident that the Byrne Hollow Farm products you buy for you and your family are the freshest, highest quality dairy products possible.

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Trust Starts With A Handshake

– Our Farmers –

Relationships Matter

Family. Passion. Hard Work.

Up before dawn, work begins on local family farms that serve as the source of the most important ingredient of our Byrne Hollow Farm products. For our family farm partners, where your milk comes from matters a lot. Each farmer signs a pledge to produce the highest quality milk, free of artificial growth hormones (rBST-free). Our shared passion for quality means you can expect wholesome goodness in every drop.

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– Our Standards –

Quality Matters

Quality Matters image - Our Story

From our farms to our bottling plants to your table, we’re dedicated to delivering you The Best Milks™. Quality is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week job at Byrne Hollow Farm – from gathering our milk at its peak freshness and maintaining its optimal temperature to our specialized ingredients and gentle processing techniques, every detail adds up to quality on your table.

– Your Family –

You Matter

From Our Farms to Your Table

You are the inspiration for our Byrne Hollow Farm products. Your food choices are important to you and your family. You read labels, check nutrition facts and like to buy local. For you, quality products from a local source delivered as nature intended just makes sense for your family. We hope you enjoy the simple wholesome goodness of each Byrne Hollow Farm product.

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Byrne Hollow Certifications in Syracuse, NY
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